Customs Service

Customs Brokerage

Streamlining Your Import Business

Our Customs House Brokerage team provides more than just entry processing services. We create customized solutions that ensure total compliance while delivering the highest standard of customer service. Specific care is exercised to ensure shipments are in compliance with all regulatory agency requirements. Our focused experts will act as a direct extension of your business, guiding your shipments through Customs in an efficient and expeditious matter.

Don't hand out pieces of your customs brokerage to different companies. Simplify your process by working exclusively with Shining Kings Group. Our seasoned customs experts help you contain costs and minimize risk, freeing you to focus on finding opportunities to grow your business. We look closely at your commodities and use our expertise to help ensure you're paying the appropriate amount of tariffs, duties and declared values. At the same time, we help you conform to existing government regulations and stay ahead of changing compliance laws.

With all the variables and challenges that importing creates, our streamlined approach to customs brokerage means less risk, fewer errors, and reduced costs for you.



  ◆  Pre-clearance services

  ◆  Centralized remote processing

  ◆  Quota & quota pre-processing

  ◆  Temporary import

  ◆  Bonded warehouse management

  ◆  Classification and compliance services

  ◆  Surety bonds

  ◆  Other government agencies: FDA, F&W, FCC, DOT, EPA & USDA



 ◇  Integrated solutions for all your global freight-air and ocean

 ◇  Your partner in understanding the diverse import regulations

 ◇  Striving for customs release prior to shipment arrival

 ◇  Compliance assistance for your imports

 ◇  Tariff engineering to help you pay appropriate duty rates

 ◇  Regular access to dedicated brokerage managers and their staff

 ◇  Brokerage services handled in-house by licensed professionals

 ◇  24-hour service for customers all day

 ◇  CIQ loading inspection with report at one day; general commercial inspection with reports no later than 2 working days

 ◇  Customs declaration with purchasing export documents; special way of customs declaration; customs transit to HK; advantaged customs  clearance all over China.

 ◇  Import& export customs clearance for general cargo, personal effects, hazardous goods, luxury goods, copy brand etc.