• ssignment
    1)The trabsfer to anoher party of a right,interest or title to the goods. 2)The document evidencing such a transfer
  • Arrival Notice
    A notice given by the delivering carrrier to the consignee and the notufy party (and the consignee if it the same)indicating the shipments arrival date at a specific location(normally the aestination)
  • Alliance
    A group of companies cooperating .Supply chain alliances consist of trading partners have complinentary goals and objectives and cooperate in areas of planning,forcasting,forcasting and replenishment.
  • Automated Manifest System(AMS)
    US:An integrak part of the efforts of the Unites to clasmp down on potential securiy threats.This freight tracking System is also applicable in the areas of air. rail and road cargo transport
  • Ad Valorem Mention
    Accprding to value of the goods declared by the Shipper prior the commencement of the carriage as stared in writing on the Bill of Lading.
  • Search Automated Manifest System(AMS)
    US:An integrak Part of the efforts United States to clamp down on potential secyrity This freight tracking sysyem is also applocable in the areas of air,rail and road cargo transport