Personal Stuffs

Operational flow

● Solution selection

Evaluate and choose transportation solution according to quantity of goods 

and requirements on timeliness--airlift or shipping or combined transportation

● Port-to-port service

From any domestic port (or airport) to destination port (or airport)

● Door-to-door service

Door-to-door service from location of goods to destination

● Selection of sail schedule or fight

Choose proper sail schedule or flight

● Packing

We choose different packing materials according to different natures of personal 

effects and take corresponding safety actions; we save space as much as possible to 

minimize the cubic number; as electric appliance, piano, furniture, ceramics and bowel artworks or valuable and fragile goods need packing fillers, we will consider packing 

with wooden case to avoid extrusion and damage; articles of daily use and other light articles will be packed with cartons. (3 to 4 hours will be needed)

 Entry into not under trading supervision warehouse 

Check product description and quantity, and transport products to the warehouse not under trading supervision in the customs

 Customs clearance 

After goods pass infra-red ray inspection at customs, clearance seal will be put on 

receipt at terminal yard (1 to 2 days will be needed)

 Materials needed by migration or residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 

Materials needed by migration: passport, visa, invoice of newly-purchased goods, 

detailed list of goods, list of volume and estimated weight

 Taking delivery of goods at desitination port 

After goods arrive at destination port, local agent will notify goods receiver, 

or agent will be found according to the materials on the bill of lading to deal with 

payment and customs clearance. 

The passport provided must be consistent with the departure port; 

list of goods in English and bill of lading in English must be carried.



 If goods receiver fails to pick up goods within 3 working days, he/she must bear storage expense;

● In case of migration and transportation with container for the first time, tax may be exempted at destination port;

In case of newly-purchased furniture and articles, invoice must be provided and consumption tax must be paid;

Cultural relics made before liberation of China can not be transported out.